About Talent Gurus

Talent Gurus strategic outsourcing solutions help you outperform your competition in a cost effective manner by allowing you to focus on core competencies there by boosting productivity and increasing profits.

Talent Gurus is a division of Talent Logic, Inc. staffing services firm with a nationwide presence that has been in business for over 20 years.

Our BPO solutions allow customers to improve profit margins and focus on their core competencies. Companies can be connected with skilled, qualified, and motivated resources who will enhance productivity and performance.

Clients will:

Realize estimated cost reductions between 50-60%

Gain increased profits due to lower operating costs

Acquire skilled, qualified talent at an attractive, lower rate

Increase productivity—boosting customer satisfaction and profitability

Talent Gurus offers outsourcing services that are guaranteed to save clients 55%-60%. You will have access to seamless communication services, offshore premises for offshore consultants, and guaranteed cost savings.


Virtual Assistants Services
Business Process Outsourcing Services
Information Technology Outsourcing Services
Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services


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