Virtual assistants’ role in the development of businesses

Virtual assistants in common parlance are independent contractors who performs multiple office jobs both administrative and technical ones from remote locations with a good experience and understanding of their clients’ needs. For organizations, hiring the services of these virtual assistants enables in freeing up their time spending on day-to-day administrative as well as technical work thereby leaving them enough time to concentrate on the developmental activities of their businesses. Virtual assistants as such are extra hands that can help from data entry, creating newsletters, content on the concerned clients’ websites, receiving/sending emails from customers, business clients or in responding to social media and other important business services/activities.

A virtual assistant can be hired for a short term/long-term basis or for some specific projects that require businesses to commit to a certain amount of hours per week or month. This type of arrangement can be helpful to businesses during off seasons or on busy seasons like holidays, vacations etc. Hiring the services of virtual assistants is emerging as a more practical way for businesses to get some of their tedious and regular tasks performed with much ease without recruiting permanent employees on full time salaries or wages.

The other benefit of hiring virtual assistants is unlike full time employees, these service providers can be paid only for specific tasks and make them work only during peak seasons or when there is sufficient work or project offers. Nevertheless, it is important for organizations or businesses to create a healthy working relationship with virtual assistants. The three important tips for creating a healthy relationship with Virtual Assistants or VA’s are explained briefly as mentioned below:

  1. Determining needs before hiring: An organization before hiring the services of VA must figure out what relationship that they want with their virtual assistant rather than starting by dictating commotion lists at them. Not having clear-cut expectations and specific boundaries around the roles can be quite frustrating and awkward and therefore clients (organizations) have to be clear about that when they start working with VA.
  2. Take slowly: Hiring the services of virtual assistants on a trial basis instead of signing a long-term contract is recommended in case businesses/organizations are not able to connect before agreeing to terms. Signing long-term contracts may force organizations to stick on with the virtual assistant services when the concerned VA services are bad.
  3. Not assigning pet projects: It is better not to assign specific or pet projects that needs to be completed in certain fashion to virtual assistant as such projects may continue to absorb the time and energy of the management if assigned to VA thereby defeating the purpose of hiring a VA. These tips if adhered to will go a long way in creating a healthy relationship with virtual assistant service providers.

Souce: – Virtual Assistant Blog


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