Why everybody Need both Pinterest and LinkedIn?

Social networking sites are now one of the major revenue generation internet marketing tools for organizations and are acting as a source for varied social events and activities. Pinterest and LinkedIn are social networking sites that have huge followers. Both of these social networking sites have different perspectives about their users and each member registered with these sites has different objective or purpose to utilize the services of these sites.

For instance, a member of Pinterest may use it to market their services to one target customer or a young woman may plan her wedding and social events through Pinterest. At the same time, the members may also use LinkedIn to connect with their current and future employees and also coordinate contacts with professional event planners and media personal. In other words, it is possible that the same client or member may use both Pinterest and LinkedIn for finalizing their business and social plans or events.

It is recommended by internet marketers that both Pinterest and LinkedIn must form part of internet business strategy. Both Pinterest and LinkedIn are effective in driving referral traffic to corporate sites especially when the posts that have been made to target interested groups have the content directly related to them. As per the data available with Appdata, there were about 147 million users on LinkedIn during January-2012 and Pinterest also reached the ten million unique active users mark.

LinkedIn has the highest penetration rates in the USA, Netherlands and Gulf States. Pinterest currently has approx 13.6 million users according to Appdata. Using both Pinterest and LinkedIn will indeed result in higher referral traffic, better quality leads and ultimately increased sales results. Latest trends on Pinterest do indicate that during the month of June-2012 interest in Pinterest has slightly reduced when compared with data of past year. However, in case of LinkedIn the search trends have remained constant expect for a huge spine in the month of June-2012 due to security breach met by this network.

The social reach by using LinkedIn has been made far easier for companies as now these companies would be able to direct posts to target groups of followers with status updates based on company size, industry, function, seniority, geography and employee tenure. For instance, if the company is engaged in the products or services related to farming then it can now segment by agriculture, the country profile and level of corporate seniority to get to the prospective client.

By using Pinterest, the social reach can be increased by following these below-mentioned tips:

Creating pin boards and populating the boards with your own pins and by repining from other users.
Publicizing your Pinterest account on all of your marketing strategies.
Embedding Pinterest buttons or widgets on your company website.
Registering your profile in Pinterest directories to grow your followership.

Source: http://www.talentgurus.net/blog/index.php/2012/08/why-everybody-need-both-pinterest-and-linkedin/



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