A virtual help that’s the virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are usually administrative support staffs who contract their services to companies and business personnel. These virtual assistants work remotely or virtually from any corner of the globe but typically work in their home cum office. The demand for virtual assistants is being felt more by all types of organizations especially law firms, real estate agents, and small businesses dealing with the burden of work overflows. Virtual assistants previously used to provide secretarial and book keeping services but now their services had spread far and wide in all types of business functions.

Currently, there is also an International Virtual Assistant Association that is working to develop and maintain professional standards, providing access to the discussion forums, mentoring and certification to supplement training methods. The virtual assistant industry has grown over the years as a distinct type of industry or sector. Some of the virtual assistant services focus on providing specific skills such as customer service or website support and others are providing variety of services to various professionals in specific industries such as Realtor, Attorneys, and in IT industry etc.

There has been many new innovations taking place in the world of virtual industry and some of them have been discussed here for the readers to have a glance at them:

Creative Virtual which is a trailblazer in the virtual technology has unveiled V-Portal as a knowledge management solution that at the same time deploys intelligent virtual assistants across the Web, mobile, social channels and call centers with just few clicks. The V-Portal curates and manages the content based on the product area or business line and connects users to Web services through natural language virtual assistants. These virtual assistants can hold personalized customer conversations 24/7 thereby helping the organizations in brand building and customer engagement.

Another latest innovation in the field of virtual world is the launch of audio based virtual assistant by “Wonder Voice” a Tel-Aviv based start up company. The product is a brand new iOS application that allows the user to listen to the content from Face book while on the move. The various virtual assistant applications are taking the place of manual virtual assistants especially in the field of mobiles, iPad, iPods, and in telecommunication sectors.

Source: http://www.talentgurus.net/blog/index.php/2012/10/a-virtual-help-thats-the-virtual-assistant/


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