Save Time, Make Money – 5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Do Both

The VA industry is growing by leaps and bounds and VA’s are not looked at with skepticism. Many day-to-day operations in any industry are supported by Virtual assistants. Every Virtual Assistant has their own niche and specialized way of working.

Lets look at the ways that a Virtual Assistant can assist in the day-to-day running of businesses. With more time in the hands of those who hire VA’s equals to more money, entrepreneurs have now more freedom to do things they always wanted to do, be it personal or official. Thus with time playing on their hands, stress levels too have gone down. There is no doubt that the VA industry has proved to be more beneficial. Given below are 5 ways that a VA can save time as well as make money.

Email sorting: When a major part of the day is spent in sorting email, replying to them or forwarding them, the same can be assigned to a VA giving access to your webmail and they can:

  • Take care of spam messages
  • Reply to customer service emails
  • Reply to FAQ’s
  • Mark high priority messages for your notice

Calendar Management: The same goes for calendar management. If you find your are at aloss not knowing how to schedule your appointments or forgetting an important event or meeting or special occasion, you can authorize your VA to take of your calendar management and your schedules so that:

  • Your special occasions are taken care by them
  • They can set up a reminder system so that you never forget a special occasion, meeting or conference call again

Personal communication: A VA on your behalf can send out than-you cards or return gifts or presents when you don’t have the time to say the same personally. A VA can send out “thank you” notes and cards as well as greeting cards for special occasions. They can also arrange to purchase and send gifts.

A Typical Personal Assistant: A VA can guide you through your ideas and projects like personal assistant does. In fact as the VA is skilled in such an area he or she can:

  • Give you ideas or guide you on your projects
  • Research and come up with more information on the ideas you have in mind
  • Provide sound planning to implement your project
  • Seek out resources needed for your new project
  • Liaison between you and other contributors as project manager

During meetings and presentations, when you do not have the time to make notes of the points discussed or important points for future referencing then a VA can:

  • Transcribe your notes or your recordings and send them in a document format for your future reference
  • Transcribe your thoughts and ideas for your review
  • Type the email, memos, or letters and email them back to you or distribute them for you.

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